If you intend to purchase new laboratory equipment, it is important to choose the right lab devices that meet your requirements. Selecting equipment can prove a complicated task for clinical laboratories and research facilities. Using lab instruments that can produce accurate, timely results is necessary to improve diagnosis for better patient care. Labs also need to enhance their productivity by offering fast and accurate results. Only the right kind of lab equipment can ensure the efficiency of test results and improve lab productivity.

Things to Consider Before Buying Medical Laboratory Equipment

Most laboratory equipment is expensive and it is very important for medical laboratories to go by some important considerations when buying lab devices.

Equipment brand and quality – Before investing pipettes serological in any kind of lab device, it is essential to conduct a thorough online search about the top quality brands and most sought after lab equipment models currently available in the market. Check whether the device you are choosing meets the specified quality specifications. Consider product features, performance stability and accurate results. Purchasing branded lab instruments would provide the advantage of higher operational efficiency and durability. Leading laboratory equipment manufacturers include Roche Diagnostics, GenWay Biotech, Benchmark Scientific, LW Scientific, and Beckman Coulter. There are also many other good brands in the market.

Product features and specifications – As different products come with varying features, it is better to compare two different models of the same product and finally select the one that best matches your laboratory needs. Moreover, it is advisable to select a model that fits into your existing lab space. Many leading brands offer bench top models of centrifuges, chemistry analyzers and other instruments which function well and take up very little space. Try to purchase a product that is user-friendly and safe.

Budget – Decide on your budget before purchasing lab equipment. Do some research to find lab equipment suppliers offering top quality products at reasonable prices. Many also offer discounts and special offers for certain products. Another feasible option will be to purchase re-certified lab devices. These devices undergo a detailed refurbishment process during which damaged or faulty parts are replaced. These pre-used products offer the same features and specifications as that of new ones but are sold at lower prices. Certain other suppliers provide reagent rental plans which allow labs to purchase instruments without paying up front for them. The payment can be made easily in monthly installments depending on reagent use and the number of tests conducted.